Hair Styles – Which Hair Styles are Best for you?

Hair styles are an important part of life. Ever see a great hair style on somebody else, only to try it and discover (after it was too late) that the hair style wasn’t quite right for you? You can blame your hair stylist, your over-active sense of adventure, a Bad Hair Day, or realize that not all hair styles work for you.

Why not? And more importantly, what can be done about bad hair styles?

Finding the Right Hair Styles
It might not seem fair, but your hair styles are limited, to some degree, by the genes your parents passed you –> be it wavy, thin, or a certain color. Of course, with advances in hair straightening, extensions, coloring, and Hair Products there is much you can overcome. First, you must understand what you’re starting with. Take some time to examine yourself in the mirror and answer the following questions about your hair and the hair styles for you.

Hair Styles and Hair Questions
What type of hair do you have? Curly, wavy, or straight? This sets you up for certain hair styles right away!
What texture and density is your hair? Thin, thick, or coarse?
What sort of facial features do you have? Delicate, pronounced? Does one part of your face draw attention that perhaps you wished it wouldn’t? If so, the proper hair styles can help.
What type of face shape are you? Are you oval, round, heart, pear, or square?
What type of hair style do you want? Are you looking for a Formal Hairstyle, or do you feel more like doing a Sexy, Short Hairstyle? Is it a special occasion like prom and you want a Prom Hairstyle or are you just looking to see what type of Hairstyles are out there?
Once you have answered these questions, here are some guidelines and helpful hints. Be sure to check back often, we intend to update the following information and techniques weekly.
Do you have a pronounced jaw? Hair styles tip: Try shoulder length hair, worn away from the chin.
Do you have delicate facial features? Shorter hair styles, just below jaw level and swept inward, will help accentuate your features.
Do you have coarse, thick hair? Do not try and wear a hair style that is straight. Instead, find a cut that lets your hairs fullness show. Try shoulder length or longer and be sure to select the proper conditioner for added control.
If your face is heart shaped, try a longer hair cut with soft bangs.
Round faces need to have layered hair styles to present a thinner surface.
If you have any specific questions or comments, please let us know. We look foward to hearing from you and will do our best to help you with your questions.

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