Hair Cuts

Ideas and techniques to help with your hair cut experience
Hair cuts can be a wonderful (or traumatic) experience. The difference depends on expectations of the person cutting as well as the person getting his/her hair cut. A great hair cut has multiple results, including (obviously) a new — or shorter — hair style, massage-like results (increased blood flow which adds health to your scalp), positive attitude (from looking beautiful); all of which adds up for a large tip!

If you plan to give a hair cut to somebody, it is important that you follow some basic hair cutting guidelines. This will help toward ensuring a great hair cut everytime.

1) Have the proper hair cutting equipment. This ranges from comb to proper scissors. Please see our list at Hair Care Products for a more complete list.

2) Communicate with the person whose hair you are about to cut. Make sure you understand what she wants done with the hair and be sure you know if you are capable of making this hairstyle happen.

3) Make sure the person is comfortable and then help him/her relax for a hair cut. Turn on some music or chat with the person to be sure they are comfortable and relaxed. Nervous or twitchy individuals can doom their own hair cut, making you look bad.

4) If in doubt, it’s probably best to take off less hair. This way, you can always go back and remove more as necessary.

Remember, if you’re cutting another person’s hair, be sure to treat them professionally and let them know whether or not you’re capable of doing the hair style they requested. It’s better to do so before the hair has started to fly instead of after it’s too late.

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