Hair Care Tips

Tips to help with hair care
Do you have questions about hair care tips and secrets to care for your hair? Let us know and we’ll answer your questions.

Admit it, maintaining healthy hair can be a challenge. Our lives are busy and there are numerous factors that can hurt your hair. Hair is damaged by sweat, oil, dirt, harsh chemicals, bathing too frequently, excessive combing, finger nails digging into your scalp when shampooing, lack of sleep, and even stress. The list seems endless!

With all the things that can harm hair, what’s a person to do? Take action!

Care for your hair
1) Use protein rich and vitamin-fortified Shampoo and Conditioner. Make sure it fits your hair type!

2) Gently brush your hair. Brushing hair removes dead skin, dirt, and debris. However, do it too often or too much and you’ll be damaging your hair more than benefiting it!

3) Don’t blow dry your hair using the hottest setting on your dryer! Check out Hair Care Products to see if the dryer you have is the right one!

4) Give your hair a spa treatment by using one of the Hair Home Remedies and see how easy (and fun!) it can be treating yourself.

General Hair Care tips:
1) Exercise and keep physically fit. Check out Health for more information.

2) Get plenty of sleep. Your body needs between 8 and 9 hours of rest each night. If that seems excessive, because of time restraints, try it for a week and see the difference.

3) Eat healthy! Get the nutrients your body (and hair) need. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and nuts. These provide the essential proteins and vitamins your body craves for replenishing itself.

4) Drink plenty of water. Your hair needs to be able to absorb moisute, so keep your body properly hydrated.

5) Give up Stress and relax. Stress has horrible side effects that can lead to your death, and it can play havoc with hair. Find ways to manage (or remove) stress and see if you can’t put things into perspective by focusing on the important things in life (like health).

6) Avoid coffee, refined carbs, saturated fats, salt, and too much sugar.

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