Beauty products for your hair

Hair Care Products

There are numerous hair care products for your hair. To make it easier, we’ve broken the list of hair care products down into several categories. Be sure to let us know if we’re missing any important items!

Hair Cutting Equipment

Scissors: by far, the most important tool. They must be sharp, fit comfortably in your hand made of steel, and will probably cost between $15 and several hundred.

Comb: used along with scissors for controlling and shaping the hair that is cut. Make sure the comb glides through a persons hair and sits easily in your hands.

Cape and towel: used to collect the hair and keep hair and water off of clothes.

Spray bottle: this often over-looked hair care product keeps hair wet during cutting.

Hair clips: holds hair in place while working in specific sections.

Blow dryer and hair brush: as needed.

Hair Care Products for a Sexy Hairstyle!

Shampoo: get a high quality shampoo for the type of hair you have.

Conditioner: compliments the shampoo and moisturizes your hair.

Sprays: adds control and manageability for your hairstyle.

Gels: works similar to sprays to keep your hairstyle looking wonderful.

Extensions: add length instantly!

Hair coloring kits: pick a color, experiment, and have some fun!

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