Beauty…and Hairstyles

Beauty and hairstyles go hand in hand. We live in a culture that is obsessed about beauty. Everywhere you look there are beautiful models, articles written to help us control our weight or informing us how to look better. It’s impossible to miss the magazines at shopping centers and forget about watching television with ‘normal’ looking people. Being bombarded with this can lead to unfair comparisons between ourselves and the models, which can develop into eating disorders, depression, and unhealthy attitudes.

Therefore, to combat this, the team here at wishes to promote a different type of beauty. Sure, we set up a site to help answer questions regarding hairstyles, but we’re not going try and make you confirm to our standard of what is beauty. Instead, we encourage your own to shine through. Beauty is more then skin deep! Beauty is deeper, it is a warm smile, a gentle disposition, a friendly laugh, a positive outlook during difficult times…in other words, it’s who you are — your uniqueness.

This site is designed to help you reach a more complete sense of your own beauty. We hope to help you improve your Health, Manage Stress, find a Hair Style that makes you feel sexy, and help you feel beautiful!

What’s the balance? How do we become more beautiful without becoming superficial? For starters, accept the hereditary cards that you’ve been dealt in life. Don’t ever be pressured into becoming somebody you’re not. Remember, expensive (and dangerous) plastic surgery can affect you the rest of your life.

Focus on the positive beauty you have. There is something about you that is unique and beautiful — demonstrate that side of you for the world to see! Perhaps it is your eyes, your hair or hairstyles, your laugh, your loyalty, sense of humor, kindness, sense of adventure, or all of these things! Whatever it is, be grateful you have this trait and focus on this instead of any perceived “problem.”

Beauty can mean so many different things.

Remember, styles (and personal preferences) change over time, as does how society perceives beauty. If you don’t believe this, look at photo’s of yourself from five or ten years ago. Go find a photo of your parent’s wedding day. ‘nuf said!

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